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Whether for commercial or residential properties, we understand the desire that can come with wanting to add trees to your surrounding environment. Whether you already have an idea in mind of the results that you’re looking to obtain or are looking for professionals to bring you their qualified input, making the choice to pick up the phone and calling Tree Services Columbia will bring you the information you need and the service delivery required in order to have the perfect results delivered to your Columbia property.

Planning Your Planting
One of the most important steps when it comes to bringing any tree planting service is proper preparation. Not only do we need to ensure that the trees being brought to your property have the capability to survive and thrive within the Columbia area but also that the planting delivered is carried out in a way that won’t have your various tree’s battling for food and sunlight. We take every aspect of your trees future into account when it comes to providing you with the proper planning of your upcoming tree planting in order to ensure long-term results.

Tree Relocation
Another option available to you when it comes to tree planting is the relocation of currently standing trees on your property. Whether you have saplings that need to be placed in better locations or need a somewhat mature tree delivered from one property to another, making the choice to reach out our experts will provide you with the quality services you need in the capability to ensure that your tree is prepared for a long and healthy life in its new space. We bring the highest quality tree services in Columbia in order to give your trees the best shot at the best life.

Sapling Protection
When turning to our tree care professionals in order to have saplings planted within your property, ensuring that you are giving them the necessary protection in order to take root and to begin their many years of growth is important. Whether this comes in the way of providing bracing for your saplings or delivering necessary wind protection, you can count on our skilled arborists to provide you with the additional services necessary to ensure that your saplings will have the best possible chance at a bright future. We bring the full range of options to your new tree’s needs.

Fertilization and Treatment
Once your tree has been planted in its new location, bringing the right level of care and treatment from that point forward will dictate the health and longevity possible for your tree. Often, in these situations, transplanted trees can require additional fertilization and nutrients in order to kickstart the growth process and to ensure that they can take hold in their new location. Whether you’re bringing brand-new trees or trees that are simply new to your property, you can count on our tree care professionals to provide you with the necessary services to give them the best start.