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The range of services that we bring to the Columbia area provide you with the quality treatments you need when it comes to planting, tree care and eventual removal. We are dedicated to bringing property owners across the city the necessary services to maintain the integrity of their trees as well as having necessary tree cutting services delivered when required. We bring you a full selection of different treatments that care for your trees, tree stumps, surrounding shrubbery and more, ensuring that with one phone call you have the capability to bring attention to multiple aspects of your landscaping. Whatever the service you’re looking for, choosing to reach out to our experts will provide you with the highest level of knowledge and expertise when it comes to:

By picking up the phone and calling into our offices, you have the capability to speak directly with a knowledgeable arborist ready and waiting to provide you with solutions to your issues. Whether you’re looking to curb a pest infestation, treat encroaching disease or simply bring a crown thinning service that will add aesthetic and practical benefit, you can count on our experts to have the range of treatment options available for you. We bring all manner of services from raising to reduction, tree cutting, pruning, thinning and all other potential treatments that can be carried out on your property trees. When you need a skilled service dedicated to results, you can trust Tree Services Columbia.