From planting to pruning, trimming to thinning, stump removal to wood chipping, our professionals provide the widest range of tree services Columbia can count on. Whether you’re looking to introduce new trees to your property, to tend to the ones currently there or have a full removal carried out, making the choice to reach out to our arborists will provide you with the high level of knowledge and capability you need for quality results.

    About Us

    We have been bringing our brand of tree care services to the Columbia area for many years, with a focus on affordability, reliability and capability. From emergency tree services to treat crown reduction, land and bush clearing and a wide variety of additional options, choosing to bring your needs to our professionals will provide you with a high level of quality. We are dedicated to providing the Columbia area the means in which to effectively bring nutrients to your property as well as providing the widest range of tree care services in order to depend on their presence for many years to come.

    Our Services

    Whether you’re looking for tree planting services, quality tree pruning and trimming, raising or reduction of your tree crown or full removal of either trees or tree stumps, making the choice to reach out to our experts will provide you with a full range of tree service in Columbia you can count on. From the moment we pick up the phone, our experts are ready and waiting to provide you with the quality we are known for. If you need an affordable and dependable tree service in the Columbia area, choosing Tree Services Columbia will provide results.


    There are a number of different situations that can qualify as an emergency. Knowing that you have the access to affordable tree services in Columbia when this happens can be important. Whether you need to deal with damages to your tree, potential hazards to your property or otherwise, choosing to call into our offices will provide you with the expedient services you need and a quality result that you can count on.


    Whether you’re looking to have a single tree removed from your property in order to move forward with building plans or require an entire lot clearing service in order to establish said property, you can count on our experts to deliver results. We have been bringing tree removal Columbia can count on since we first opened our doors and ensure that you get a thorough and attentive service that lays the foundation for your future plans.

    “After dealing with a stump getting in the way of a number of different activities over the last few years, I made the choice to finally have it removed. After calling Tree Services Columbia for a stump grinding service, they had this obstruction gone in a matter of hours.” – Tina K. 

    From branches overhanging into your neighbor’s property to diseased limbs that need to be culled in order to protect your tree, we bring a variety of different tree cutting options to your property. Whether you need to have specific branches and limbs cared for or are looking for a dependable wood chipping service to continue utilizing your tree, you can count on the professionals that we provide to bring a range of different options to your Columbia property.


    In order to provide the healthiest state of growth for your property trees, obtaining quality tree trimming when required is key. Whether you need crown thinning, raising or reduction of the canopy or even aesthetic tree trimming, choosing Tree Services Columbia will bring you the results you’re looking for. Our professionals know what it takes to provide you with an outcome that is both aesthetically and practically pleasing for you and your trees.


    “My property has a great number of trees on it and knowing that I have access to emergency tree services Columbia provides is important. Tree Services Columbia has been delivering quality to my property over the course of many years and I know I can always depend on them.” – Charles W. 


    For either residential or commercial properties in the Columbia area, you have the access necessary to our skilled arborists in order to plan and plot and upcoming tree planting project. We bring you a high level of knowledge and expertise in order to ensure that you are selecting the right tree species for your needs and that they are planted in a way that promotes health and well-being to the entirety of your property.


    Having a stubborn stump taking up space within your property can it in the way of a number of different potential activities. Knowing that you have the access to quality stump removal Columbia can count on can be important and when making the choice to reach out to our experts in order to obtain these services, you can depend on receiving an affordable stump removal that delivers the freedom you’re looking for. Whatever the current state of your properties stump, you have options available.

    “In the wake of the storm, the trunk of my tree was in a pretty rough state. I was worried about the tree eventually coming down and chose to call Tree Services Columbia. They provided a quick and reliable tree cabling service that gave strength back to my property tree.” – Jason S.

    The quality of the customer service experience that we bring to our clients across Columbia starts the moment we pick up the phone. We view this time as a means in which to prepare our clients for what to expect when working with our professionals and to bring the widest range of solution to a variety of issues. Whether you’re looking for tree planting in Columbia, tree trimming, or stump grinding you can count on, choosing to call into our offices will provide you with an immediate response and the capability to get your services on the move quickly. We have several sister tree service locations around the country. Our team is one of the largest and most well equipment tree professionals in the country. We have tree service Stamford CTPhoenixville Tree ServiceElmira Tree ServiceNorristown Tree Service and Wayne Tree Service. We got you covered!